Turkish Green Olives | Marmarabirlik | scratched | 400g

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  • Turkish Green Olives | Marmarabirlik | scratched  | 400gTurkish

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  • Marmarabirlik, founded in 1954, is the world's largest olive producer. The olives are matured and exported out over the world and are dependent on 28,500 olive producers.
  • Marmarabirlik Olives

  • Scratching is a key component of the curing process, and it adds a lot of taste. Take in a taste of the Mediterranean! The olives are usually aged and salted, and their flavor is rich.
  • Olives are commonly enjoyed by Feta Cheese, Ahmad Tea, Turkish breakfasts, and taster platters, and they may be used in salads, sandwiches, and brunches.
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  • A product of Turkey
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