Toronto Olives | Marmarabirlik XL | 400g

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  • Toronto Olives | Marmarabirlik XL | 400g 

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  • 201 - 230 olives/kg in salt water (2.5 % salt only)
  • Marmarabirlik olives have a thin skin, little seeds, and a large amount of flesh. It's simple to remove the fleshy part from the core.
  • Olive Plus

  • Breakfast is critical because it is the first meal of the day and helps us prepare for a long day. For a full Turkish breakfast, olives are a must along with Feta cheese, Nuts, and Pastirma.
  • Turkish Market is the address in Canada for Marmarabirlik's excellent olives with a Mediterranean flavor!
  • Middle Eastern Grocery

  • A product of Turkey
  • Marmarabirlik is the world's largest olive organization
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