Premium Turkish Tea | Caykur Altinbas | 500g

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  • Premium Turkish Tea | Caykur Altinbas | 500g

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  • Turkish tea is made from the processed tea plants, grown in Rize in the Black Sea region of the country. Traditionally, a Turkish tea kettle or a Turkish teapot set is used
  • Caykur Tea

  • Why is Turkish tea served in a glass?

    These glasses are usually held by the rim in order to save the drinker's fingertips from being scorched, as the tea is served boiling hot.
  • For the best experience serve in Turkish Teacup along with Turkish Crackers
  • Tea is an important part of Turkish culture and is the most commonly consumed hot drink and served in the Turkish Tea Pot
  • Turkish Supermarket

  • Caykur Altinbas Tea is now available at our Toronto Turkish Market and order online for grocery delivery Toronto 
  • Product of Turkey
  • Turkish Tea, an Offer You Can’t Refuse: Perfect Traditional Turkish Tea

  • How to Make Good Turkish Traditional Tea?


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