Marmarabirlik Olive Oil | Natural Sizma | 3L

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  • Marmarabirlik Olive Oil | Natural Sizma | 3L

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  • Olive oil is obtained by squeezing the fleshy fruit of the olive together with its seed 
  • Marmarabirlik olive oil is best to make Turkish breakfast and for the best experience try Ahmad Tea after your meal
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  • One of the most unique products from the Marmara region, this intensely flavored olive oil may be used in both hot and cold dishes.
  • You may try it with sourdough bread and flavor it with different herbs or spices for a delectable snack.
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  • Extracted by squeezing the finest quality, most delicious, and ripest olives 
  • Product of Turkey 
  • All you need to know about Marmarabirlik Olive oil
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