Labneh online cheese | Yogurt Cheese | 550g

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  • Labneh online cheese | Yogurt Cheese | 550g

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  • Icim Brand
  • Halal cheese

  • Tangy, thick, and creamy, labneh (also known as labnah or labne) is basically yogurt cheese.
  • How to eat it?
  • Simply mix in garlic, roasted red pepper, harissa, gochujang, or caramelized onions, then drizzle it all with olive oil. Spread it on a wrap or bread for a sandwich like you would mayo or goat cheese. It pairs well with eggs, veggies, chicken, or even pickles. Add it to frittatas or omelets.
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  • Is labneh and cream cheese the same?

    It is spread-packed with protein and probiotics. Made by straining yogurt to remove excess water and whey, labneh has a slightly tangier taste than traditional cream cheese but is just as creamy and spreadable
  • Just like Greek yogurt, If you think of Greek yogurt as strained yogurt, labneh is extra strained yogurt.
  • 13 ways to eat Labneh cheese
  • Product of Turkey
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