Halal Soup Near Me | Ezogelin Soup | 98g

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  • Halal Soup Near Me | Ezogelin Soup | 98g

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  • Ezogelin soup (Ezogelin corbasi), which means "the soup of Ezo the bride”, is a hearty legendary Turkish soup made with red lentils,  rice,  bulgur (cracked wheat),  pepper paste, and Turkish spices such as paprika,  mint, black pepper.
  • It is also considered a breakfast soup, works as a hangover cure, and soothes the stomach
  • Ezogelin çorbası

  • Knorr Ezogelin tomato-lentil soup
  • Product of Turkey
  • Halal food

  • %100 Anatolian (Turkish) Wheat
  • High source of fiber
  • High protein source
  • High protein soup
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