Halal Meat Toronto | Sujuk Hot | 300g

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  • Halal Meat Toronto | Sujuk Hot | 300g

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  • Afion Brand
  • The product is made from premium quality Halal meat, ensuring it meets the dietary restrictions and requirements.
  • Sujuk is a traditional type of spicy, air-dried sausage that is commonly enjoyed in Middle Eastern cuisine. This product is made in a hot variation, making it perfect for those who love spicy food.
  • Halal Meat Market

  • It is made with fresh ingredients and is carefully crafted to deliver a delicious, juicy flavor that will satisfy your taste buds.
  • It can be used in various dishes, including pizzas, sandwiches, and stews, making it a versatile ingredient for your kitchen.
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  • It is available in our Toronto Market, making it easy for local residents to purchase and enjoy this delicious, high-quality product.



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