Black Olives Toronto | Marmarabirlik XL | 800g

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    Black Olives Toronto | Marmarabirlik  XL | 800g 

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  • 201-230 Olives/ Kg
  • Its distinct flavor and large size make it ideal for tables. 
  • Olives are rich in monounsaturated oil, fiber, beta carotene, and vitamin E, and are classified as a fruit because they contain a seed and emerge from a flower.
  • Olive Plus

  • Black olives give a bit of extra nourishment to your diet, whether you consume them whole as a snack or slice them up to top a salad or pizza. Also try Turkish cheese, Nuts, and Meat along with salamura black olives 
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  • A product of Turkey
  • Check out the History of Marmarabirlik Olives
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