Apple Cider Vinegar Ottawa | Allessia | 500ml

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  • Apple Cider Vinegar Ottawa | Allessia | 500ml

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  • Allessia raw Apple Cider Vinegar is fully natural, unfiltered, and untreated, with the mother of 5% acetic acid.
  • It contains vinegar's "mother," a component that forms spontaneously during the fermentation process.
  • Italian Market

  • Only made from carefully selected northern Italian apples whose highly respected characteristics have been valued for ages.
  • It can be used in salad dressings and marinades, as well as in a refreshing wellness drink. Combine 1-2 tsp in 1 cup water, sweeten with honey, and serve.
  • A product of Italy
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits 
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