Pistachio Paste | 83% | Antebella | Glass Jar| 320g

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  • Pistachio Paste |  83% | Antebella | Glass Jar|  320g

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  • Is pistachio paste the same as pistachio butter?

    Pistachio paste is made from 100% natural pistachios; it is less oily than pistachio butter and contains no salts, sugar, or other ingredients. Pistachio paste is a smooth, creamy mixture that is made through a multi-step process, which makes it more fluid, ultra-smooth, and mixable than pistachio butter
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  • What is pistachio paste used for?

    As a spread for sweet or savory crepes. Spread dessert crepes with pistachio paste and honey, and fold and top with vanilla ice-cream or yogurt. As a topping for crostini. As a dressing for ice cream, buttercreams, and mousses.
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