Hand Soap | Dalan | French Lavender | 400ml

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    • Hand Soap | Dalan | French Lavender | 400ml

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    • Dalan Brand
    • Cleans your hands and delight your senses with the pleasant, floral scent of Lavender. Therapy Liquid soap washes gently, for perfect hygiene.

    • Liquid Hand Soap

    • A small amount of cream is added to the new ultra-moisturizing therapeutic soap for hand washing to help lock in moisture.
    • Made with Therapy French Lavender and other carefully sourced components, liquid hand soap.
      Treat your hands to the energizing scent. French lavender fragrance from Fresh Therapy. 
    • Free of silicone, alcohol, PEG, and SLS. You may also use them with typical soap dispensers.
    •  Amazing Benefits & Uses of Lavender
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